Conditions of use of the Shadows Pro official web site


This site is aimed at providing useful information on sundials and astrolabes, and to introduce the Shadows software package.

Texts, images, photographs, scripts, animations and other type of content shown on this site and in the help file of Shadows are intellectual properties of their author, François Blateyron, and are protected by laws. Third party photographs are credited at the bottom of each page. Any reproduction is forbidden without written authorization of the author, except in some cases described below.

Photographs of sundials made by Shadows users are properties of their respective authors and are used here with their permission.

Using the content

You may use the content of this web site for your personal and private use. Students and school pupils can use texts and images of this web site in classroom and for home works. Teachers and animators can find ideas and resources in this web site for their educational activities. They are encouraged to mention the source of these data and point their audience towards this site.

In all instances, you cannot publish any extract of this web site on another Internet site or on any other media, without authorization of the author.

The use of any element of this web site without authorization is considered as counterfeiting and is against local and international laws.


Journalists and professionals willing to cite or use any part of this site (such as photographs) can contact the author. High resolution photographs are usually available. The author is pleased to contribute to any paper or editorial. Do not hesitate to contact him.

Published papers can be seen at the bottom of the page Links on sundials.


You may add a link to this site on your own site or blog, pointing either in the home page: www.shadowspro.com or to a specific page. Make sure that the link starts with the main domain name (eg: www.shadowspro.com/en/astrolabes.html). Do not use the address displayed in your Internet browser if different (http://pro.ovh.net/~shadowsp...)

Do not abuse of the free resources provided by Internet and respect property. Thanks.

About Shadows

Shadows is a freeware/shareware software that you can download on this site and other sites around the world or on CDROM included in magazines. It cannot be sold individually outside this web site. The author did not grant any right to sell this software to any company or merchant web site. In case of doubt, please contact the author and report any suspicious use.

You may distribute this software to your relatives and friends in its freeware form (without license). Shadows Expert or Shadows Pro licenses provided to registered users are strictly personal and cannot be rented or copied. You may order your own license on the Order page.

Shadows license agreement

The latest version of the Shadows end-user license agreement can be seen here.


If you are the author of a creation that you believe is used on this web site without authorization, please contact the author. The author is respectful of third party work so such event is highly unlikely...

About the author

This site, the Shadows software and its documentation have been created by François Blateyron, amateur astronomer and software engineer, expert in surface metrology. You may contact him and send your questions and comments to: fblateyron@shadowspro.com

Thank you.

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