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User manual of Shadows

The user manual of Shadows is a genuine book on sundials and a practical guide on the software features to help you design, realize and install your own sundials. The manual features 110 pages illustrated in colors. You may browse through it on line, download the PDF or obtain a paperback version printed in color and shipped by mail post.

On-line user manual

Browse to it page per page.

Paperback version of the manual

Order your paper version of the user manual using a print-on-demand service.

Warning: this version corresponds to Shadows version 4.5


These documents provide step-by-step explanations on how to realize a sundial, and show how data calculated by the Shadows software are used.

An "Art Nouveau" sundial

by Pierre-Louis Thill

A sundial inspired by Mucha with (fake) painted tiles.

An ingenious sundial

by Michel Lambalieu

A style made of an eyepiece made from standard components found in retail stores.

Use the equinoctial ruler

Tutorial on how to use the equinoctial ruler to ease the drawing of hour lines on large sundials.

And do not forget to visit the gallery of sundials made by Shadows users: Sundials made by Shadows users

Video tutorials on Shadows

Create your first sundial
Create your first sundial (video, 4 min 27 s)

The horizontal sundial
The horizontal sundial (video, 8 min 05 s)

Sundials in 3D
Sundials in 3D (video, 6 min 56 s)

Multiple sundials in 3D
Multiple sundials in 3D (video, 4 min 05 s)

View more videos on: Shadows Pro Youtube channel

Information letter on sundials and astrolabes

This information letter was sent periodically to subscribers. With the version 5 of Shadows, it is now replaced by an internal information feed. Download and use Shadows to receive information on sundials and astrolabes.

Museums and collections

The following museums display collections of portable sundials.

Reference Web sites

Other Web sites

Shadows Pro on FaceBook

Facebook page in English, on sundials, astrolabes and the Shadows software.

Prizes and Awards

Julien Saget 2005 Prize

The French Sundial Commission (SAF: Société Astronomique de France) awarded François Blateyron with the Julien Saget prize in 2005, for the development of his Shadows software and his work on sundials. The prize was presented by Denis Savoie, president of SAF, at the Meudon Observatory, Paris.

Minutes of the day and prizes.

Press Review

Article in Free Astronomy Magazine

An article on sundials and the Shadows software

Free Astronomy Magazine

March-April 2022

Un cadran solaire spécial éclipse

Revue L'Astronomie, septembre 2017

© Société Astronomique de France

Des comtois au rendez-vous de l'éclipse

22 août 2017

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Temps libre

Temps Libre
April, 2014

© Temps libre - la Haute-Saône agricole

L'Est Républicain
August 8th, 2008

© Est Republicain

La Presse Bisontine
Summer issue, July-August, 2008

© La Presse Bisontine

L'Hebdo de Besançon, n°190
July 2-8, 2008

© L'Hebdo de Besançon

TV Report on France 3
Bourgogne Franche-Comté, july 2007

Video report broadcasted on July 24th, 2007. Journalist: Isabelle Brunnarius, cameraman: Laurent Brocard.
© France Television

 View on YouTube...

L'astronomie sur votre PC

Book published in France by Micro Application describing several astronomy software packages, including Shadows 2.2, provided on a DVD included with the book. ISBN 2-7429-6674-9

Est Républicain
April 2006

Week-end edition, East of France.

© Est Republicain

Sky & Telescope
September 2004

Test of Shadows version 2.0 by Joe Heafner.

© Sky & Telescope

Est Républicain
October 2000

Published on October 9th, 2000.

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