End-User License Agreement
of Shadows software

(c) Copyright 1997-2018 by François Blateyron
All rights reserved.

This is the latest version of the Shadows end-user license agreement. Latest modification: May 19th, 2018. Please read this file carefully. Thank you.

This End-User License Agreement is a legal agreement between you (an individual, an association or an organization) and the author of Shadows (François Blateyron). By installing and using the Shadows, you fully accept the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree, you must not install Shadows and delete it from your computer.


Shadows, the standard level of this product, is a freeware program.


You may acquire a license for Shadows Expert or Shadows Pro by paying a license fee. These levels offer advanced features that are not available in the standard level. Please refer to the documentation or web site for information on how to buy these licenses and see the list of features for each level.


You may update your version free of charge at any time and without time limitation, to the latest version 4.x, by downloading it from the Shadows Web site (www.shadowspro.com/download).


This agreement grants you a non-exclusive right to install and use Shadows on your own computer. Products created using Shadows can be transferred or sold without authorization of the author. This includes drawings, tables of results, real sundials you built using the program data, etc. You can use Shadows, Shadows Expert or Shadows Pro for your personal needs or in the context of a commercial activity.


You may transfer or distribute freely Shadows in its original form including the installation program, documentation files and all other files, except your personal license (Expert or Pro). It is strictly forbidden to sell Shadows without written permission of the author. It is possible to include Shadows in a collection of programs distributed free of charge. However, requiring a fee specifically for Shadows is prohibited.


When using Shadows Expert or Shadows Pro, a license file is sent to you in order to unlock the advanced features of your level. This file is strictly personal and must not be transferred or sold to anybody else. Copying and distributing your license file to someone else is an infringement of copyright laws. With version 4.1 and later versions, the license must be associated to the user’s PC. A Shadows Expert license can be associated with only one PC. A Shadows Pro license can be associated to two of your own computers.


Users have to provide their name, address and E-mail address to order a license. This information is used exclusively for the purpose of management of users and licenses. No information is shared or sold.


Users can subscribe on the Shadows web site to a free information letter about Shadows. Around one to three letters are sent every year. Users who purchase a license of Shadows Expert or Shadows Pro accept to be added to the mailing list to receive this information letter. Users can unsubscribe at any time from the mailing list at the bottom of the home page on www.shadowspro.com site, or by clicking on a link at the end of the information letter.


Shadows is protected by copyright laws and international treaties on intellectual property. The distribution of Shadows, either the freeware or the shareware versions, does not imply any transfer of intellectual property to the user. Components accompanying Shadows shall not be used separately. This includes (but is not limited to) executable code, source code, images, pictures, texts, help files and other documentation, HTML or JavaScript code, icons which are all copyrighted by the author. Use of any of these components for publication purpose in any form without written permission of the author is prohibited. Teachers and coordinators may use the software, its creations and its documentation for educational or leisure purposes, in a classroom or with a small group of persons. Any public use (conference, web site, blog, magazine, papers, radio, TV) shall be authorized explicitly by the author.


You may contribute to the development of Shadows by sending translations of the user interface, the documentation or the web site pages. In this case, your name will be associated to the contributor list. You may also suggest new features, report bugs or any problem you may encounter. These contributions though do not allow you to claim any copyright or intellectual property on any part of Shadows.


You may not modify, alter, decompile or reverse-engineer Shadows files or any part of the documentation. Components and files accompanying Shadows cannot be used separately. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to alter the program to display another name than the author's name; it is forbidden to use a resource modification tool to modify menus, texts, dialogs or any texts of the application.


Shadows and its components are tested to the best ability of the author, on his development platform. Nevertheless, the author cannot offer any guaranty of good function on any platform or any context. You have the responsibility to ensure the correctness of the results before use. You shall verify that Shadows works correctly on your platform (hardware and software) and meets your expectations in terms of functionalities, prior to ordering a Shadows Expert or Shadows Pro license. No refund will be possible for any reason. All sales are definitive. Shadows is designed for Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7 and Windows Vista on PC compatible computers. It is not compatible anymore with Windows XP or earlier versions. Shadows 4.1 is now a 64-bit application that requires a 64-bit version of Windows. It should be possible to use Shadows with a Windows emulator on another platform (MacOS or Linux), but neither technical support nor guarantee will be offered in this case. The program has been tested using a recent anti-virus program before its release on www.shadowspro.com web site. The author is not liable even if, despite his best efforts, a virus damages the PC or if any problem occurs. No control nor guarantee is provided for downloads done from a third-party web site.


Should you cease to use the program, you shall uninstall it from your computer. If you were using a Shadows Expert or Shadows Pro license, you must also remove the license association and delete your personal license file.

Thank you for reading this document through to the end!

François Blateyron