Discover the new version 5 of Shadows

The Shadows software has continuously evolved since its beginning. Version 5 is characterized by the new 3D visualisation of sundials. It is an important feature for educational purpose.

Download version 5

3D views of sundials

Once a sundial is created in Shadows, it can be viewed in 3D and manipulated on screen (rotation, translation, zoom). It allows you to better view the final version of the sundial and see how the style is installed on the sundial table. It is especially interesting on cylindrical sundials.

3D views of multiple sundials

Several examples of multiple sundials are included and created at fixed size, but for the chosen location.

Export of 3D models in OBJ format

The 3D models can be exported using the OBJ format (Wavefront) in order to be reworked in a 3D CAD software, for example to prepare a 3D printed version of the sundial. Textures respresenting the sundial layout are saved as JPG files and linked to the 3D model via MTL files.

Other new features