Download additional location databases

Download location databases in DBL format (Shadows database), for the following countries:


Country Link Size Comment
Belgium 137 kB 12708 places
France 447 kB 35249 places
Germany 791 kB 74043 places
Greece 168 kB 11806 places
Ireland 87 kB 6817 places
Italy 490 kB 33601 places
Poland 258 kB 36149 places
Portugal 184 kB 16454 places
Spain 300 kB 27476 places
Switzerland 39 kB 3046 places
The Netherlands 75 kB 6821 places
United Kingdom 185 kB 14803 places


Country Link Size Comment
Australia 142 kB 9460 places
Marocco 238 kB 15101 places
Mexico 601 kB 57980 places
South Africa 113 kB 7680 places

Installation: unzip the file in My Documents/Shadows Data, then open Shadows > Tools menu > Edit the location database, and click on Import a location database. Warning, loading a large number of locations may significantlt slow down the location dialog.

Note: files for France come from INSEE and are tagged with departments. Data for other countries come from GeoNet and may contain wrong time zones in case they contain more than one zone. Other GeoNet can be downloaded and imported into Shadows from