Translations of Shadows

The tables below give the translation status of the user interface of Shadows version 4.1.7494 and of the user manual. You may contribute yourself in completing missing translations in the user interface or by translating the user manual in a new language. See explanations on how to translate Shadows in the user manual, page 108. You may translate directly in the Excel sheet that contains all texts of the Shadows user interface (in Excel 2013) and send the updated file back to the author: Download Text table.

User Interface

Language % translated Missing strings Contributors
English 100% 0 Collective
French 100% 0 François Blateyron
German 98% 48 Claudio Abächerli, Carmen & Axel Wittich, Sonja Lejeune, Karl-Peter Emmelmann, Christian Haack, Hermann Dellwing, Rita Gautschy
Spanish 95% 106 Gilberto De Hoyos C, Jesús San José Hernández, Carlos María Sánchez Rodríguez, Mario D. Crespo, Isabelle Blateyron
Italian 99% 15 Claudio Abächerli, Marco Tomljanovich, Federico Bettinzoli, Ghia Luigi
Portuguese 21% 1563 Hugo D. Valentim
Brazilian 99% 21 Hugo D. Valentim, Rogério Luís Brochado Abreu, Juarez Silveira Sant'Anna
Dutch 84% 315 Fer J. De Vries, Thibaud Taudin-Chabot
Hungarian 42% 1141 Tulok László
Russian 77% 458 Serge Zukanov, Alexei Krutiakov
Slovenian 68% 630 Stane Accetto
Polish 95% 79 Maciej Michalski
Greek 85% 290 Vangelis Skarmoutsos
Czech 95% 106 Jaromír Ciesla
Arabic 93% 138 Ahmed Ammar, Kamoun Sofien
Catalan 94% 116 Gabriel Gruix

User Manual

Language Contributors
English Collectif
French François Blateyron
German Nicolas Feierstein, Rita Gautschy
Spanish Rafael Rodríguez Martín
Czech Jaromír Ciesla
Brazilian Juarez Silveira Sant'Anna

The former HTML documentation in version 3.5 was also available in Italian and Polish. These files can be reused when translating the user manual. View the former on-line help